I want an au where dean and cas are german futbol fans in the munich city square, watching the final moments of the world cup

I want them to never have met before… standing a mere four feet away from each other as the final minute counts down

and dean and sam are already celebrating, vibrating with anticipation as they nudge each other and grin like idiots because this is it. germany’s going to win.

and when the crowd erupts in raucous joy, dean hugs his brother and jumps up and down, before spinning around and kissing the first stranger he can get his hands on.

and sam watches in shock because as far as he knows, dean’s never kissed a guy before…

and dean’s eyes go wide when he feels stubble against his own, but the next thing he knows, the other guy is surging up against him, returning the kiss with almost terrifying enthusiasm.

and dean can’t help but melt into it because damn the guy’s a good kisser and dean’s only human.

and it gets so heated that sam has to intervene because hands are starting to go under clothing and he definitely doesn’t want to get arrested for public indecency.

and sam’s pretty sure that dean is just going to act like nothing happened, but dean doesn’t even look away from the other guy as they pull away from each other.

sam grins because he’s quickly realizing that this is probably going to be something he’ll be able to tease dean about for the rest of his life.

because if heart eyes were real, dean’s would be taking over his face.

"so, uh, I’m dean." dean mutters intelligently, flushed all over the back of his neck

"hello, dean." the other man has an unspeakable calm for someone who’s just been kissed so thoroughly. "my name is castiel."

yeah… sam’s gonna be telling this story for a long time.

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parent trap au where jimmy and cas meet at a summer camp and decide to swap places for the rest of the summer. when cas goes back to jimmys family he meets jimmys best friend dean winchester and falls head over heels for him.

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those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.

pan with a plan

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I got put on hold a lot at work today, and may have doodled up a dean and Hogwarts!Cas


I got put on hold a lot at work today, and may have doodled up a dean and Hogwarts!Cas

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sometimes I forget that I’m a raging queer, but then I remember that I check out pretty much every girl I see

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queerlupine’s hp super fine male model fancast

yassine rahal as james potter

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ARTIST: 菅野よう子


It’s so beautiful

I’m in love with this soundtrack

inspired by (x)

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get off my head


get off my head

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